deadlines and costs under control

As project managers in charge, we take up your organizational, commercial and technical duties, as well as coordination and management tasks between authorities, specialist engineers and other parties involved in the realization process.

Within the scope of our project management we ensure the observance of deadlines, compliance with the arranged budget and contracted services and qualities already before executing the actual building activities and during the construction phase.

Other services within our scope include:

  • consulting regarding tendering and award procedures
  • cost estimate and costing
  • cost optimization of the tendered content
  • design of an organizational concept
  • professional support for placing and contract negotiations
  • assistance in designing contracts for work and labor
  • planning of the construction sequence
  • coordination of the building site setup and the construction operation
  • preparation of framework schedules and contractual time schedules
  • monitoring time schedules
  • management of interfaces
  • comprehensive communication
  • documentation and status reports
  • cost monitoring
  • invoice verification
  • Participation in the acceptance process

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