As colleagues of well-known planning- and/or project management companies we supervised in responsible position the following projects:


New building of the administration centre of municipal savings bank
Munich, Germany

Gross floor area:  

53.700 m²

Building volume: 

217.000 m³



Office-, commerical- and residential building for BBV (Bayerische Beamten Versicherungen) at Munich, Germany - (1991 – 1993)


Office building Hallbergmoos II for BBV at Hallbergmoos, Munich, Germany (1991 -1993)


New building of an office building with hotel (ABC-Bohus-Center) for the Deutsche Bundesbahn AG (German Railway AG) at Augsburg, Germany (1991 -1993)


120 Rooms / effective area 3.600 m²

Representative Office Space

Fläche 3.800 m²

Shopping-center on three levelsbasement, ground floor, first floor

45 retail shops, total retail area 6.300 m²

Underground garage on three levels

circa 240 parking spaces


Administration new building GUV Sachsen-Anhalt (insurance company of the public authorities) in Zerbst, Germany (1994 - 1996)

Gross floor area:

app. 3.200 m²


Culture and media center Harburg Carrée - adult education center, public library, day care for the handicapped, offices and retail spaces, 178 apartments, underground car park in Hamburg, Germany (1997-1998)

Gross floor area:

app. 46.000 m²


New construction of the central control station of Deutsche Bahn Netz AG (German Railway Net AG) in Munich, Germany (2000 -2003)


Refurbishment and decontamination of an administrative office building during operation for DB Netz AG in Munich, Germany(1999 -2002)


Enlargement of the Siemens Headquarters in Milan, Italy (2003 -2005)

Rentable area:

app. 23.400 m² 

Underground Garage:

ca. 250 parking lots on two levels


New construction of a multi-use office building “Centro Leoni” at Milan, Italy
(2004 -2006)

Rentable area:

app. 45.000 m² 

Underground Garage:

app. 640 parking lots on three levels


Conversion of a historical building into retail- and office spaces
Copenhagen/ Denmark


Residential building

New building of a housing area with 154 apartment units including a two-level underground garage at Deggendorf, Germany (1995 -1997)


Development of a housing area with about 550 condominium units (town houses, duplex houses and single family houses) at Berlin, Germany  (1993 -1998)


Construction of new earthquake resistant housing area  (emergency project of the Worldbank, Washington after an earthquake) in Adana and Ceyhan, Turkey (1998 -1999)






High rise rack and administration office building for catalog company Quelle
Nuremberg, Germany

Superstructed area:

38.500 m²

Building volume: 

1.540.000 m³



Food distribution warehouse (two storied) for company Tegut at Fulda, Germany (1991)

Superstructed area:

5.800 m²

Building volume: 

87.750 m³


Warehouse and administration office building for Austria-Tabak-Werke
at Berlin, Germany

Superstructed area:

1.300 m²

Building volume: 

23.700 m³


MWZ Material Logistics Center - AIRBUS, Hamburg Hausbruch, Germany (2001)


CEC Cabin Equipment Center - AIRBUS, Hamburg Finkenwerder, Germany (2003)


Project development of a distribution center for PANALPINA in Greater Stuttgart, Germany (2003)

Gross floor area:

app. 10.000 m² storage and commissioning spaces

Gross floor area:

app. 4.000 m²  administration building


Cold store for AGAMA in Moscow, Russia (2003)

broad aisle storage, office building:

app. 6.000 m²


High bay store for hazardous materials/cosmetics finished products - automatic high bay store with app. 15.200 pallet places - BDF BEIERSDORF, Hamburg, Germany (2003-2005) 


Extension of the Mixing Center South for KRAFT FOODS and SCHOBER
in Knetzgau, Germany



Restructuring of industrial facilities for the production of industrial gas - administration and laboratories, pilot plant stations, workshops, production spaces
MESSER Griesheim, Germany


Production facilities for WABCO (brake systems) in Wroclaw, Poland (1999 - 2004)

production and storage spaces, R&D - offices and social spaces:

app. 42.000 m²


Production plant for WEBASTO (glazed sun roofs) - assembly and storage, administration in Palmela / Portugal (2003)

Gross floor area:

app. 9.000 m²


Relocation of a production plant for the automotive supplier industry
to Zlotorya, Polen

Gross floor area:

app. 4.200 m²


Extension of industrial facilities for LEIBER (aluminum conversion technology) - Mechanical Forming incl. administration - Ruda Slaska, Poland (2005)

Gross floor area:

app. 3.600 m²


Airport Support & Service Center, AIRBUS - workshops, office and social rooms - Hamburg Finkenwerder, Germany (2006)

Gross floor area:

app. 2.400 m²


Extension of an industrial hall for DURA (wiring harnesses) - assembly incl. social- and technical spaces in Timisoara, Romania (2007)

Gross floor area:

app. 5.000 m²


Production plant for WEBASTO (glazed sun roofs) -  assembly hall, office building in Zimandu Nou, Romania (2007)

Gross floor area:

app. 9.000 m²


Trainings-center and administrative office building at Bratislava / Slovakia
Makino s.r.o.

Gross floor area:

app. 3.200 m²


Production-Building with administration office part at Salonta / Romania
Arvin Meritor s.r.l.

Gross floor area:

app. 5.600 m²


Industrial production - and administrative building at Nitra / Slovakia
Giesecke & Devrient s.r.o.
(2007 -2008)


Industrial building for FTE (brake systems) - assembly and storage spaces -  office and social rooms  in Presov, Slovakia (2008)

Gross floor area:

app. 6.000 m²


Industrial facilities for TRELLEBORG (air con rubber hoses) - assembly hall, office building in Pitesti, Romania (2008)

Gross floor area:

app. 17.000 m²



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